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HOW TO: Using Library OneSearch (Ebsco Discovery Service)

Looking for specific sources for a research project, or to reserve or request library materials? Here's how to get started searching and saving your resources in Library OneSearch.

Why do I need to log in to access content in Library OneSearch?

Why do I need to log in to access content in Library OneSearch?

Full access to Oakland University Library's electronic resources is limited to university affiliates (e.g., students, faculty, and staff). Users are able to review Library OneSearch records without logging into the catalog (to see what items are available through the library), but they will need to log in to gain direct access to electronic items.

Why do I need to keep logging in / log in more than once to access electronic resources?

You shouldn't - logging in at the start of your research session should provide you with full access to the catalog (both in searching and in reading / downloading content). However, some users may experience repeated login requests when using Library OneSearch, which will prompt them to log into the catalog each time they try to access a new source. This is a known issue from our vendor (EDS), who is currently working on a long-term solution. However, it may be due to cookies that are stored in a user's browsing cache, which when accumulated may cause repeated login errors over time.

If you're prompted to log into the catalog more than once during a browsing session, you may need to remove these specific cookies and clear your cache. in order to resolve the issue. Click on this link to remove the cookie, and the problem should resolve: Remove EBSCOhost Authentication Cookie.

Still having trouble? Please report any problems you experience using our online form here.