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Affordable Course Materials Initiative (ACMI)

Low & no-cost course designation

Instructors are able to request  “No Cost” and “Low-Cost” course designations in the registration system. 

  • No-cost materials: $0 required textbook and materials costs
  • Low-cost materials: $50 or under required textbook and materials costs

*Consult the criteria for more information. Once you have confirmed your course is eligible complete the Affordable Course Materials Section Request form

This form must be submitted each semester the course is taught. Data is not transferred over from semester to semester. 

Why designation a course in Banner

Course designations provide transparency for students when they are building their plan of study. They can anticipate materials costs and not be surprised after enrollment, which may lead them to drop a course because they cannot afford a textbook. 

Impacts of high textbook costs

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Need assistance?

If you have any other questions, contact the Registrar Scheduling Team at

Questions about affordable course materials and OER contact: Julia Rodriguez, ACMI Team Lead,