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Affordable Course Materials Initiative (ACMI)

5 things you can do to reduce textbook costs

1. When possible, use open textbooks, library materials, free or low-cost substitutes for high-priced textbooks.
2. Ensure that the textbooks & materials required on the syllabus are necessary for success in the course.
3. Investigate options for getting the best selection of textbook prices.
4. Communicate your choices early to the OU Bookstore to ensure the availability of all formats and price ranges.
5. Inform your students about selections and purchasing options. 

Handout - Strategies to eliminate or reduce course cost.  (PDF)

Adopting an open textbook

Step 1: Find an Open Textbook
Step 2:  Review and Select an Open Textbook
Step 3: Customize your Selection as desired
Step 4:  Disseminate Your Open Textbook to Your Students

OER Resources

Faculty OER Toolkit (BCCampus Open Education)






OER Tools: Documentation for Instructors
Guide includes a detailed list of content creation, editing, and documentation tools along with annotation, collaboration and homework assessment tools.