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Oakland University Libraries: Sequenced Tutorials on eSpace

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Copyright and You

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Copyright and You

The purpose of this guide is to give you a greater understanding of:

  • the basics of copyright law,
  • your rights as a creator of content, and
  • how to responsibly use content created by others

At the end, you will be directed to a quiz. You need to answer 8 out of 10 quiz questions correctly to receive a credential of completion, which is a digital badge.

To access the tutorial as a guest (not affiliated with Oakland University), please contact Amanda Nichols Hess at


Resources from Module 1: Copyright Basics
Length of copyright: Copyright duration chart
Information about public domain: Online Library Learning Center
Information about what is and is not protected: Copyright FAQ's.

Resources from Module 2: Responsibilities as Content Users
Fair Use Evaluator tool
Fair Use Analysis decision tree
Information on Requesting Copyright Permission: Columbia University Libraries' Requesting Permission website
Creative Commons (CC)
Commons on Flickr
Collection of public domain works - Project Gutenberg

Resources from Module 3: You as Content Creator
U.S. Copyright Office FAQ's
Work for Hire - 
U.S. Copyright Office: Works Made for Hire
Keep Your Copyrights Organization: Works for Hire
Gallery Contracts -  
Advice for Artists Seeking Gallery Representation
Professional Practices for Artists From the College Art Association
Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
VLAA's Guide to Artist-Gallery Contracts
Authors' Rights - 
OU Libraries' Author's Rights for Scholars & Researchers
Author Rights and the SPARC Author Addendum
Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine
Copyright Infringement -
Sample cease-and-desist letters: Lumen Database (formerly Chilling Effects; search for "cease and desist")
Sample letter for artist: Cease and Desist letter
Find an Intellectual Property Lawyer