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MDM3 9512 - Internal Medicine Clerkship Guide


This guide pulls together some of the major resources in Internal Medicine. It includes links to online books, journals, databases, and other resources for self-directed learning. It's designed to help you "study for your patients."

For additional clinical information, click on Clinical Resources in the left navigation menu.

Clerkship Study Resources

Comprehensive Textbooks - Well-written and comprehensive guides to be used for reference purposes or for focusing on a specific topic.

Study Texts - For everyday learning and review. It is recommended that you choose one text to read cover-to-cover.

Internal Medicine Test Prep & Review Books

Test Prep and Review Resources

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For further information and resources for study guides, please see our Subject Review & USMLE Prep Resources Guide -

Internal Medicine Multimedia Resources

Multimedia Resources

Key Internal Medicine Journals

Patient Education / Consumer Health Resources