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Comparison of Anatomy Resources

Resource Brief Description Ease of Use Image Types Videos Integrated Histology Content? Save or Download Images? Quizzes or Self-Assessment? Mobile App?
Acland’s Video Basic Anatomy Videos Easy Dissection videos Yes No No Yes (Register for Free account) No
Atlas of Human Anatomy 
Anatomy & Physiology Revealed Organ System Anatomy Medium Mostly dissection & some imaging Yes Yes Save .jpg images by copying and pasting Yes No
Anatomy.TV Basic Anatomy 3D Atlas Difficult Diagrams, some imaging (CT, MRI), & dissection included Yes No Yes Yes Yes but only for the quizzing portion
IMAIOS Basic Anatomy Atlas Medium (Navigation Buttons not labeled) Diagrams Yes No Export .jpg images Label Removal Only Yes
& lots of imaging (CT, MRI, & PET)
Netter Reference Basic & Organ System Anatomy – Images from Netter Book Collection Easy Diagrams & some dissection videos in Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy - CT imaging in Netter’s Radiologic Anatomy Yes, within certain textbooks No Download .jpg images with or w/o lines or labels Label Removal Only Yes – iOS (Note the free & fee versions)
Thieme MedOne Education Collection of eBooks including many anatomy atlases Easy Depends on book, but mostly diagrams No Depends on book Download individual images to PowerPoint & download entire PDFs of book & chapters Yes (create a free personal account on campus) Yes (requires previous account to login)
Thieme Teaching Assistant: Anatomy Collection of Images Easy Images (CT, MRI) and diagrams No No Yes, download JPEG or PowerPoint No No
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