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Literature Searching

Using Filters in PubMed

PubMed Search Filters allow you to limit your search in a number of different ways. Search filter options will display on the left side of your search results page:

Commonly Used Search Filters:
  • Publication Date
  • Language
  • Article Type - There are more than 65 Article Types to choose from
  • Age
  • Gender - Male or Female
  • Species - You can limit to just Human studies

Select the filter options to be applied to your search.  Click on Additional Filters to see more options. 

View the PubMed Sidebar Limits Tutorial for additional information. 

PubMed Clinical Queries

PubMed Clinical Queries is a tool created for clinicians to quickly find evidence without performing a full literature search.

To access PubMed Clinical Queries, go to, or click Clinical Queries from the Find section on the PubMed main page.

Enter your search term(s) and select your Filter and Scope:

  • Clinical Study Filter Categories:  Therapy, Diagnosis, Etiology, Prognosis, or Clinical Prediction Guides
  • Scope Categories:  Narrow (specific search) or Broad (sensitive search)

Have Questions? Need Assistance?

A Librarian can conduct a one-on-one session with you on how to use the PubMed database. Feel free to call us at (248) 370-3772 or email if you have questions or need assistance with searching.