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Publication Impact - Measuring and Evaluating Your Scholarly Output: Research Impact

What is Research Impact?

Scholarly Impact is a set of tools designed to help researchers and authors measure how their work is seen and used in the scholarly world. Both faculty and students are increasingly expected to show what impact their scholarship is having in their field and in the university, and utililzing research impact tools and data can help them do that.  

How is it used?

The impact of one's research is used in a variety of ways by a variety of people or institutions. Some examples: 

  • Your tenure committee has asked you to include your impact factor, or h-index, in your evaluation packet. 
  • You're trying to obtain a grant from the National Institute of Health and they need to see which journals you've published in and how those journals compare to those in their respective fields.
  • You're putting together a portfolio for graduation and you want a way to include data that reflects how many articles you've worked on as a medical student or how many posters you've presented. 

How can the Medical Library help me?

The Medical Library is here to help you make sense of the plethora of terms and expectations demanded of you when you start diving into research impact.  What we can offer you - 

  • Research Impact Report - a document prepared specifically for you detailing your publication history, your research impact numbers, and both your bibliometric and altmetric data. 
  • Author Profiles - we can guide you through the process of ensuring that your author profiles on such sites as Google Scholar, Scopus, and Web of Science, are up to date and specific to you. 
  • Navigating the world of new metrics, or altmetrics, and how they can affect you even if you aren't engaged in social media. 

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