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Affordable Course Materials Initiative (ACMI)

ACMI e-book Program Announcement

OU Libraries’ Affordable Education program is launching an ebook purchasing program to support courses, applications are now open for Summer & Fall 2023 courses. 

The Affordable Course Materials Initiative (ACMI) has been raising money to support converting courses to utilize low-cost, no-cost, and open educational resources (OER) as course materials. However, we recognize that not all courses and subjects will have readily available OER content thus, we are implementing an ebook purchasing program for qualifying courses and corresponding books. 

*Please note: The purchase of ebooks by libraries is not a straightforward process as many publishers restrict libraries from purchasing their titles. There are also many other factors to consider about access limits, accessibility, and long-term use of the book for the course.

Please first review carefully the criteria and commitment requirements before submitting an application to have your course and book considered for purchase through this program.

If you have any questions, please contact Julia Rodriguez, ACMI Team Lead. 

ACMI ebook program purchasing criteria

Faculty can submit an application to have their courses considered for participation in the program. The program prioritizes purchasing titles as ebooks. Hardcopy textbooks are managed through the textbook reserve program. 

The following criteria and factors will be considered (not all factors must be met, items chosen for purchase are made on a case-by-case basis). When quality OER or open textbooks are available these may be suggested in lieu of purchase. 

REVIEW the current criteria prior to submitting the application form. 


  • Course is taught regularly - at least once a year
  • Course enrollment is above 20 
  • Books will be used continuously and will not be changed for at least 3 years
  • Books will(may) be used by more than one faculty member
  • Books will(may) be used in more than one section


  • A different textbook has NOT been purchased by the library for the same course
  • Book vendor platform is ADA and WCAG compliant
  • Book is accessible through established authentication protocols
  • Book is not sold as a package, does not require online homework or other materials


  • Faculty will link the book from the library record in the syllabus and communicate with students about their access options
  • Faculty will submit information to OU Bookstore to accurately communicate access options for students
  • Faculty will mark their course as no-cost in Banner
  • Faculty will communicate with the library about any access issues
  • Faculty will communicate with the library when the book is no longer being used


  • Strive to purchase DRM-free, multi-user license books
  • Consider limited-use license for lower enrollment courses 
  • Maintain a list of ebooks purchased as part of the program

Titles that don’t qualify for this program may be considered for purchase as part of the hardcopy reserve program which prioritizes multi-section, high enrollment (50+), general education courses with high textbook costs and titles unavailable to libraries for purchase as ebooks.

Version 01/23/23