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Affordable Course Materials Initiative


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Julia Rodriguez
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Affordable Course Materials Initiative - ACMI

In March 2018, OU Faculty Senate passed a motion in support of an affordable textbook initiative.

"To encourage faculty members to use quality, affordable textbook alternatives, such as Open Educational Resources (OER), when available, and to encourage the university to develop an affordable textbook initiative that would provide incentives and institutional support."

March 2022, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Provost Britt Rios-Ellis announced the creation of the Affordable Education Materials Gift Fund and "encourage all faculty to explore and incorporate the use of affordable materials whenever they are available and deemed to be suitable for instruction purposes."

ACMI Goals

The Affordable Course Materials Initiative (ACMI) Phase 1 has two basic goals:

  1. Increase the use of affordable course materials by OU faculty.
  2. Ensure current policies and practices related to course material selection, purchasing and notification of selections are student-centered to guarantee student choice and best possible economic savings to promote student success.  

What you can do

  • Know the cost of your current course materials
  • Look for low-cost/no-cost alternatives
  • Reach out to your librarian for assistance 
  • Spread the word about affordability and options - start a conversation with your colleagues
  • Develop a dept/course materials affordability plan
  • Develop a zero-textbook degree 
  • Mark your course as a low or zero cost in Banner
  • Include your students’ perspective
  • Join the Affordable Course Materials Initiative Team

Campus Timeline

Affordability Initiative campus timeline

  • September 2017 - College of Arts & Science OER Task Force formed - started by Dikka Berven & Caterina Pieri
  • December 2017 - OER Task Force submitted report to Dean Corcoran
  • January 2018 - OU College Assembly passed resolution in support of OER
  • March 2018 - OU Faculty Senate passed motion in support of affordable textbook initiative
  • April  2018 - Student Congress passes resolution in support of OER, presents to OU Board of Trustees
  • December 2018 - Provost endorses and funds campus Affordable Course Initiatives plan
  • February 2019 - Presented launch of Initiative to Senate - ACMI Team formed
  • Fall 2019 -  ACMI Faculty Survey of current course material usage 
  • Winter 2020  - ACMI Stipend pilot program launched 
  • Winter 2021 - 2nd round ACMI stipends awarded 
  • Summer 2021- Zero and low-cost course markings added to Banner
  • Fall 2021 - Student Congress passes new resolution in support of ACMI
  • Winter 2022 - Provost announces creation of the Affordable Education Materials Gift Fund and endorsed support for ACMI 
  • Winter 2022 - Round 3 ACMI stipends awarded

ACMI Annual Reports